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A DMV resident since 1977 Russell knows the District of Columbia, Fairfax and Arlington Counties extremely well. He has been a close observer of the local real estate market as a Realtor for 20 years and an investor, builder and attorney for more than 40 years.

“My focus is to provide intelligent, transparent and responsive service to my clients. Of greatest importance is that my clients understand the market so that they can make profitable decisions. Selling a home, whether to an investor or by listing it with a Realtor, represents the largest financial transaction of most persons' lives. Each of my clients deserves the high level of attention so that their interests will be fully represented. This involves analyzing each transaction in the context of the current market, making sure my clients understand those conditions and then formulating an appropriate strategy that will lead to a successful result.”

Russells experience includes having been an attorney, builder, property investor and Realtor. Russell’s clients tell him that the combination of his experiences provides a skill set to effectively represent their interests.

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