Probate Testimonial

"We had a rough and long winding road to get this property sold.  It was a difficult sell.  Without Russell's help I don't think I would of gotten the home sold.  Any time I needed to reach out to Russell he was available.  Any questions or problems I ran into I asked Russell if he could handle and he did."

"Russell came in and gave me an estimated value of the house which was $100,000 more than any of the wholesalers had offered.  Put the house on the market and he actually sold it for $100,000 more than any of the wholesalers had offered."


"...we were looking for somebody who would understand the challenges that we were going to face with dealing with her property and estate. We were fortunate to come across Russell who was an excellent guide and got us through the whole process. The many references for estate knowledge, estate sale information. He understood probate and all the challenges..."


"Living three states away I faced the logistical issues that occur when trying to sell a house that was in dire need of cleaning and clearing out of 30+ years of living. I had little idea of what the Alexandria market would consider a fair price for an older home. Of the 3 agents I interviewed I found Mr. Arkin to present the most thorough and comprehensive plan to market my house."